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Sudden Twang. It does not sound harsh to be honest. I have on balance said BA is a good place to work but itís really really crap at the bottom. It seems to be a company where the employees are only increasing the seniority gradient. Donít get me wrong there is a place for it, but when it negatively impacts to such an extent on day to day life I donít think that is right. The pay problem (first world problem agreed) for P1 is something that is not the fault of BA or the union because as you say normally you went in at PP15. With the improved conditions elsewhere the opportunity to address this should be considered. SFOís on long haul? well I guess like all of us they have a bid next year too. It would be up to them. For the record though a friend of mine is LH part time and his take home exceeds mine (sometimes he does overtime) on full time and he would not ever come back to SH.

For those considering BA a good point was raised. Why have I not left? There are a few factors and primarily that is hope. Hope that it will get better, hope that JSS would improve things, the possibility to change fleets, the options of part time. The overriding factor though is I donít really want to leave. I like BA, I like where I live but it is a real strain on family and relationships. There is no hiding from it and I always point to rostering.

Re reading the above I should have just said ďwhat has BA ever done for us?Ē My wife is right I can be a grumpy git 😂

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