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Originally Posted by RK Blue sky View Post

Their pay is too high?
They donít work hard enough?
Oh wait, thatís two problems. Yeah thatís one problem too many so Iím staying where I know Iím abused. Where I am forced to work almost 100 hrs a month, day or night, where my internet is blocked, where my money is rapidly diminishing. EK is the place for me.
Your not forced to work 100 hours a month, you were never forced to join Emirates in the first chose to. This same information about Emirates has been on PPRuNe and other sites for the last 15 years yet you chose to go anyway. You have nobody to blame but yourself yet your trying to lecture/guide others with your exaggerated facts and it's getting old. If you don't like it leave Emirates and go get a DEC job at Endeavor until you can get your prized job at Delta. Just go away...people like you are toxic in any organization good and bad.

Hopefully, the Delta interview process will pick up on your egotistical, boastful, know-it-all, and negative mindsets and fix the problem before you go there and find a bunch of new things to complain about.....Grass is always greener, right.

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