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Originally Posted by sudden twang View Post
Like choosing a mortgage picking an airline is a compromise.
For some EZY is a better proposition than BA for others it isnít.
You have to think long term. For some nights in their own bed is important for others nightstopping on LH destinations is attractive. Then again some favour nights in other peopleís beds.

Think long term, the hassle to swap airlines can be great. What you want today could be v different to what you want in your mid 50s.

The evidence would suggest, in the main with notable exceptions, that pilots gravitate to LH and only return to SH for a command and then go back to LH at the earliest opportunity. When considering EZY over BA whatever lifestyle suits you now or even what you think will suit you in the future may change.
The comparison of seniority numbers for commands on various fleets in BA is telling as to what the majority of people consider the best place to be is.

In BA 85% is fine ( well perhaps good)
10% is irritating/frustrating/bad
5% of it is a nightmare.
ST...A very astute comment. I like the options of world travel and less sectors as well as going home every night and short sectors so as you say one needs to think hard. My concern with SH is can I do it for another 20 to 25 years but as a family man I want to be home.

It also depends on stability, quality of life and of course money. I think both BA and Easy are a safe bet long term with positives and negatives to each company. Its just a case of where would one be happier and which company treats you better?
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