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Originally Posted by Icanseeclearly View Post
Well said Buter, I have always wondered how people can do nothing but moan yet at the same time not be part of the organisation that is trying, with varying degrees of success, to maintain or improve our lot. Complain about JSS... did you vote for it? No, not a manner of BALPA, ergo canít really complain because you arenít invested enough in the future to actually be in the recognised union take part.

Daddy. BA shorthaul is no where near the toughest gig in the U.K. For example I havenít done a 4 sector day for a good 2 years, other than in disruption I havenít landed after midnight for a similar time, I get fed, I stay in great hotels, I work for the company (rather than be a contractor) and thus get a good pension (yes I know itís not what it used to be but show me one that is) etc etc etc. There is a lot of BA bashing on here, there are always a vocal few but I wonder what the feeling would be like if you went into the CRC and took a quick poll? A fair bit of dissatisfaction but what percentage of people would up sticks and move jobs..

Yes it is always hard to gauge the real story but I also find it a little hard to believe that BA is complete shiite now. Im sure they are not what they used to be due to pressures of competing with LCC operators but I would be surprised if people were fleeing in droves. Now if it was Emirates that is a different story...

Does anybody have any credible information on the new pay for SH/LH at BA and when this new contract would likely happen? Easyet is paying more money I believe and from what I have read but to be honest I would not know.

BA and Easy both seem to be doing a lot of hiring which is a good thing so lets hope the money keeps getting better.

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