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Concrete answer

Originally Posted by dabssa View Post
There are really no differences of opinion. Several people gave a concrete answer but you still keep pushing the issue. Who cares what Norwegian or whoever else does! Seems you don't get the point. Your opinion or how things are done elsewhere does not matter in many parts of Asia.
Show me 1 concrete answer with indisputable proof.

Under the FAA it is a common type as it is under EASA so please tell me where the concrete proof is. Im far more interested in what EASA and the FAA do and say than an Asian CAA considering EASA and the FAA are what that world aviation standards are based off.

Above posters have expressed opinions or thoughts, not undeniable proof. Clearly you need to learn the differences yet Im still baffled as to why you have an issue with somebody debating an answer, this is what the forum is for.

If I said to you the A320/A319 or A330/350 are not a common type, using your logic it must be true because a poster gave you concrete evidence by just saying that.

As stated before, you must be a REAL PLEASURE to fly with...
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