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Thank you lesson for what I believe to be a completely accurate and informative post.

There are many options toward using your talent and experience and wasting life's most precious resource (time) --especially considering where we've gone in a few short years--isn't worth it. I'd suggest folks go somewhere and be happy. It takes so long to build something good and is so easy to tear it down very quickly; I personally don't see any way to recover what has become of us (especially given how our 'solution' has been to propagate POS 18 -- should speak volumes). Just mitigate the bleeding and pain. I kinda look at it as a form of hospice for a company once great.

One thing I might disagree with though is I hope that your fellow crew members do treat you with dignity and respect. All the crew members are important, and any one of the operators might have to handle a difficult situation in a contingency. It's a team. That has generally been the case as I've seen it and I hope folks are still doing this. It's also been my experience that junior crew members often pick up on things missed -- especially when things get rushed. This is a very important role.

All the best and I'm sure you will enjoy your new career. I wouldn't wait too long; you never get the time back.
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