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Angry noteworthy posts

May be worth reading a couple of posts on another thread here

If this is what the rabid NAS stalwarts want, I'm glad I'm not flying away from the big cities.

BIK, you should pull stumps and retire, you are doing your side of the arguement no service at all...but then you don't want service do you? G = Good???

The rest of you wonder why the professionals don't take anything the "bugsmasher" drivers say seriously?

BTW....I see on a daily basis the fact that see and avoid doesn't work..and we are talking about very large heavy jet traffic coming and going into a war zone.

Scores of the near misses were spotted and avoiding action was instigated by the ATC that just happens to have the God's view of what is happening..ie we can see them on the RADAR.

Some of the nearest goes were E3's (who one would expect to have a bit of SA)..and fighters that generally do look out the window a bit, however, being military, they only look when and where told..not sniping at the Oz mil...just our cousins.

As Keg mentioned, we should have a layered defense...the big sky theory worked in the old days, not with the new squizzy nav kit that will put you both nose cone to nose cone tracking direct from A to B and B to A.

edited to blather on about see and avoid
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