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Originally Posted by Flyboy_SG View Post

what are are those options ?

How far is your head in the sand? Are you really that blind?
The US is hiring like crazy and if you donít have a US Passport get a Green Card immediately. The State Dept are handing them out like candy. The last thing the government wants is parked airplanes.

China is paying $27,000 a month and needs twice as many pilots as the US does.
Korean Ethiopian and Turkey are still expanding but get to the US now. Youíll be a captain in under 3 yrs and be making close to $300,000 with all the extras. It goes without saying youíll work far less than you will in the sand.
Are you really unaware of your options Flyboy? I hope youíre aware of your options when you are crossing the Atlantic and I hope you are not in denial about how good things are here. Look at your options and get out.

That was a straight forward question RK. I very well know what my options are.

I agree partially with US and china. Who is handing over green cards like crazy ?? Walmart? I would buy one right away. Name an airline that even sponsors a visa.

Korean, No upgrade crappy work culture. Turkish, peanut salary with uncertainty in the region. And Ethiopian....don't ask me about it.

There are some sort of issues everywhere.

Are you even an Airline pilot or one of those office guys who compare long haul flying to chair warming jobs ?
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