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Originally Posted by Ken V
Is it? Really? The autothrottle system was dependent on the rad alt, so when the radalt failed, the autothrottle failed. The flight crew is not dependent on the radalt. Changing the above statement slightly results in the following truism: The concept that a flight crew would just stay asleep when the speed was 30 knots below Vref is ludicrous.
Ken, I was referring to the SFO 777 prang, not the 737 at AMS. The 777 was fully serviceable, but by design, the ATS didn't wake up even though the speed got to Vref-30. If what Tdracer has added is true, it seems Boeing has had a change of heart with the 787.

Originally Posted by Switchbait
Fly the plane, that’s what you are there for.

The automation is an aid.

Those of you that can’t grasp the concept that the pilot is solely responsible for the flight path, and not the autopilot, need to grow up and finally take responsibility for what you are doing.

Stop blaming the system for incompetence.

Its a scary aviation world we are getting in to, where the new generation of pilots are looking to blame the system for unintended and undesirable flight paths, rather than take responsibility for being the Pilot in Command!

The Boeing automation is simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is read the books....

Boeing also assume competent and trained pilots are flying their aircraft.

What an outrageous assumption to make!!! Who would think that competent and trained pilots would be in command of jet transport airplanes! Oh the horror of requiring such a thing!!

grow up.
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