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Originally Posted by Jazzer83 View Post
Evening all.

Would anyone recommend learning to glide? I'm 35 years old and always wanted to be a pilot since childhood. Unfortunately I've never had the cash to fund training and have only ever had 2 flying lessons given as gifts by family.

I am interested in the learn to glide package offered at the Scottish gliding centre for 250. I've also been considering lapl or ppl training as I now have the funds to do so.

I'm really not sure what's the best idea. Does anyone on here have their experience they would like to share or any advice for me?
Gliding is the BEST thing in aviation that can happen to you. This is the purest form of flying and if you manage to master it someday, this will make you better pilot than most of the rest.
For 250 you won't learn to glide though. You will have a taste of what it feels like. Enough to get you going. Learning is long process and is never ending when you are a pilot.
But I tell that to every pilot I know - If you haven been in a glider, you missed a serious part of aviation.
Telling you this, I must add that I started on gliders and I was SO AGAINST it back then, but had no choice. When I started Single Engines I realized what I could've missed.
You will no longer wonder why almost every German pilot was a glider pilot at first.
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