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Originally Posted by ajl165 View Post
Oh thanks for the pro tip!! Can you please elaborate more about it?
I don't wanna sound dumb lol but can you tell me more details about how you can use your finger to estimate headings during DART. Or was it explained in more detail in this thread?
Did not see a thorough explanation of it here but the test is split in to 3 exercises and then 3 real tests where you get points.

You have a radar screen in front of you, just like the one on SkyTest: (Doesn't seem like i can like the image but search for "DART radar test on google images and you will see it)

The first part which you get points in you have 1 aircraft which you are supposed to guide through the orange marks in numerical order (1-2-3-4) and do this as efficiently as possible (accurate and without making too many turns)

To do this you first have to estimate the turning radius of the plane + response time until the aircraft starts to turn. When you have estimated the turn radius you can put your finger on the display at the angle you estimate and then move it to the cross in the middle and you'll get a better estimate of the heading you should tell the pilot. How you perform the test will be explained thoroughly in the guide and the practice tests before the real tests and you'll understand how i mean. I just used my mouse and tried to imagine a straight line and was pretty successful but not always 100% accurate.

In the second parts you will have 4 planes to guide and do the same thing.

Third part you do the same but there is surrounding traffic which you have avoid by adjusting your altitude which are 3 selections (100, 200 or 300) and 2 planes cannot be withing 2.5nm of eachother or withing 100 altitude. 2.5nm corresponds to HALF of the distance between two lines on the radar screen.

Not 100% if i remember all the parts correctly but you'll see how it works when you're there. Good luck
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