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[QUOTE=RK Blue sky;10271261]As I said the US government does not want any parked airplanes or stunted growth so Green Cards are being passed out Willy Nilly.[QUOTE]


Since this conversation is about pilots, I assume you're referring to green cards being issued by a concerned government to non-US pilots who come here because the US is short of pilots at the legacy level ?

Would you happen to have any documented sources for that ?

I think it's safe to say that the LAST thing the likes of DL, AA, UA, SW, FedEx or UPS have to worry about is parked airplanes or stunted growth due to lack of pilots. But I can always be wrong which is why specific documentation interests me.

If the Imperial Federal Government is passing out green cards as you describe, I'd love to see the documentation related to pilots. They may be granting legal entry to foreign nationals in a number of fields lacking sufficient US citizens but I don't get the impression legacy-eligible pilots are in that category in large, if any, numbers.

US carrier have always hired green card holders.
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