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As I said earlier Turkish is less than ideal but certainly better than EK. How much currency have we lost in Dubai with the VAT and runaway inflation? Probably less than Turkish but a whole lot more than we lost than last year.
I am on the 777 but actively trying to get on with Delta. Iím probably the last American standing who doesnít want to stay.
Delta has 9 month captains and the bottom pay that I can make out is around $250 an hour. With a 80 hour month thatís $240,000 a year plus the profit share, 401k contribution. The last 3 years FOs have received about $150,000 in profit share. I kjow we get that here too but we do it for many many more hours through all hours of the night and day to 6 continents. Even widebody FOs are north of $250,000 a year for 80 hrs a month.
As I said the US government does not want any parked airplanes or stunted growth so Green Cards are being passed out Willy Nilly. Apply if youíre interested. It canít hurt.
How many KAL pilots have come here? I havenít heard of any but you probably know more people. I know some pilots have left KAL to go to other places but not here. Who chooses EK?
If you werenít stuck here and could leave would you leave?
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