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Originally Posted by Pinky the pilot View Post
Don't know. Don't care.

Does anyone who remembers the old 'Hardie Ferodo Bathurst 500/1000' races of the 60's, 70's and early 80's, when the racecars were still ''off the showroom floor, seam welded, roll cage and racing suspension fitted and engine fully balanced and blueprinted...'' really care about these so-called V8supercars where the only thing Holden or Ford about them is the car body?

What about the time that Peter Williamson raced his 2 litre DOHC Toyota Celica, winning not only the 2 litre class but cleaning up every V6 Ford Capri in the 3 litre class as well?

Bathurst races these days? Who was the Shelia on the old 'Laugh In' TV series of the late 60's with the catch phrase..

Now that is off my chest, I shall pour another glass of good Barossa Shiraz!
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