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From the LAA forum;

Re: The Importance of Voting at OUR AGM .

by Tracey Curtis-Taylor Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:41 pm

‘It’s an ambush’ writes one enraged participant on this string; ‘and I hate my association being used in this way’. Indeed: we shouldn’t be in the situation we are now in.

So imagine how I felt in 2016 to discover just before the LAA AGM that it was being used for the culmination of months of nasty social media abuse against me. 75% of those who attended the meeting and heard me speak voted against a hostile and personal motion but it passed by virtue of an unprecedented volume of proxy votes. A post of 02 October 2018 on this forum indicates how that could be accomplished.

My statement has gone out, along with Stewart’s. In the light of subsequent posts, I merely add the following:
• You will find in the Minutes of the LAA Board of 23 September 2016 that the hostile motion was written by the Chairman. Stewart and I argue that he did not deal with this sorry saga with appropriate impartiality. True, an in-house report produced in April 2018 found his actions beyond reproach; unfortunately it has been kept secret, with no indication of the evidence or reasoning that led to this conclusion.
• In a letter of 17 January 2018 the Chairman did indeed suggest that if I wasn’t happy with my treatment, I should bring the motion. This was in response to repeated requests not that the vote be overturned but that the processes which led to it be reviewed. Yes, they came from a solicitor and yes, they were eye-wateringly expensive. Does anyone who has a solicitor write a letter thereby have a ‘legal team’? Don’t be silly.
• The Woodhams Award is not a competitive prize, it’s an accolade. Even if the allegations against me were true (and they are not), the 2016 motion was petty and vindictive.

I appreciate the Secretary’s action in proposing a motion restoring the Woodhams Award and thereby complementing Stewart’s, and hope you will support both. Though I am prepared to defend myself against foul accusations, do bear in mind that neither motion is about what I did or didn’t do; they are about the manner in which the LAA conducted itself.
Be aware that the use of proxy votes can be a tool used by both those in favour and against the motions.
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