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Pure Pursuit,

Except for the fact that it is NOT 'their" 4th generation fighter it is Eurofighter Gmbh's 4th generation fighter who ARE working on new and enhanced capabilities but are rather hamstrung by reluctant customers.

When will we ever learn not to trust reductionist myth pedallers?
Or: UK donít have the money for their planned typhoon upgrades - how can they make Tempest work.

The project as a result of the four partner nations is unnecessarily complex in terms of getting unified decisions on cost and direction. Despite this and subsequent the BAE apologist viewpoint that some people offer, there are many I have spoken to in the project at different levels seem to think the RAF arenít getting VFM.

EAP: the Typhoons peers have had E-Scan for well over 10 years. F-15C (2006), F-22 (IOC), F-18E/F (2007). At present the typhoon AESA is many years from service.
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