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So Ms. Swetnick has now gone from Kavanaugh organized and participated in multiple gang rape parties to, well he might have been there, standing close to the doctored punch containers, although she canít say if he doctored it, handing out red plastic cups filled with it.

And Feinstein had the original gang rape story entered into the Senate record before any investigation of that serious allegation?

Come on folks, even if you hate Trump, detest Kavanaugh, you support this kindergarten behavior? I think you had better look at your motives for ruining peoples lives on false accusations.

Personally, I think folks will again be surprised at the Republican turn out come November, there are a lot of women that are, to put it mildly, pissed at the treatment of Kavanaugh and his family, especially dragging his wife and children into it.

Its time to seriously consider term limits folks, all these elected officials are off the rails.
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