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Suzeman - please don't take this personally - I'm only quoting you as an example of a comment I see on here a lot.
That kind of comment seems to represent the overall customer service approach to passengers at MAN; that flights are 'next to nothing'.
Most people pay more than next to nothing these days and some like me who have to travel with the job end up paying a small fortune BUT still get the kind of service that 'next to nothing' buys.
No point in taking this personally - life is too short

I'm in no way trying to justify the Airport's overall customer approach, just that the largest volume of their passengers are price conscious and expect to travel at a low cost. The way of the world is such now that to be competitive in this market, the Airport and its agents have to cut costs to the bone to reduce charges. This then has consequences in all sorts of areas, especially when things go wrong, but it seems that dealing with these consequences is not one of the Airport's strong points.

This is not to say that premium passengers should put up with the same service levels as everyone else. The higher cost is for a better service level at the airport and on the flight; sadly it seems on some counts at least that higher level of service is not being met at the airport

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