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Originally Posted by nicolai View Post
The others are still online, the Finnish with a message that says (in google translation) "Airline Primera Air will go bankrupt on October 2, 2018. Tour Operator Travel continues normally. Primera Air's flights are operated unlike the original travel program by the Small Planet airline." I'm not quite sure I get the meaning there, can anyone translate the original "Lentoyhtiö Primera Air hakeutuu konkurssiin 2.10.2018. Matkanjärjestäjä Matkavekan toiminta jatkuu normaalisti. Primera Airin lennot operoidaan alkuperäisestä matkaohjelmasta poiketen Small Planet lentoyhtiöllä." ?
The google translation is actually surprisingly good :-). Agency's travels continue as planned, the only change is that the flights will be operated by Small Planet.
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