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Originally Posted by golfyankeesierra View Post
I have only very limited knowledge of RWSL but I understand it is ao fed by radar data. So when an aircraft is cleared for takeoff but radar data sees it still stationary, will the RWSL be lit? My guess only when the departing starts to roll but it may well be too late. Anyone with some background info?

BTW, what training, if any, do the home carriers get?
I was a union safety representative when the FAA installed one of the first sets of RWSLs at DFW a dozen or so years ago. Got to drive cars up and down the runway at 3am and taxi a company 727 with a load of Feds from Washington to observe the lights in action. The Runway Entrance Lights activate when the departing aircraft reaches 30 knots and turn off just before the the aircraft passes the intersection. The Takeoff Hold Lights are a bit more complicated as I recall. The system looks at the taxiing aircraft's speed and distance from the runway and does the math to figure if it is likely to stop before entering the runway.

As to what training United gives their pilots I can't say but with the system installed at IAD, ORD, IAH, LAX and SFO, all United hubs, I would think the crews would be familiar with the system.
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