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Originally Posted by Mike6567 View Post
Sorry but I am rather old fashioned and would not like to do my travels across France in any car that does not have a full size spare wheel.
Not many new cars come with this item now. (for info have a VW Passat Estate)
Why? Is it the 50km limit or is it 50kph limit? And why France?

We picked up a piece of steel like an arrow head an route the the ferry. Put the small wheel on and of course no space to put the punctured tyre anywhere though they had provided a bag. My children had to make space for the wheel.

First garage in Cherbourg just shrugged. Drove o another 20-30 miles and next garafer. Chap was brilliant, stopped work replaced the tyre and we were fixed. Had it been an odd tyre not in stock then it would have been a Green Flag moment.
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