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Originally Posted by Uplinker View Post
Exactly. Unless you have raced or rallied cars, your left foot is unlikely to have the fine control and feel required to left-foot brake subtlety and effectively.

Left foot braking is all very well, and I did it myself, but if you drive a mix of manual and auto cars as I do, you might find out the expensive way that it is much safer to use your right foot for go and stop, your left foot only for clutch or just bracing your body through the corners.

Autos donít need a foot on the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time. (manuals do if you are heeling and toeing, but that is only really for racing). Autos either have torque convertors or auto clutches to hold them on an up-slope*, and some cars hold the brakes on for you when you push the pedal twice and then move your foot onto the accelerator for you to do a hill start.
If one practices enough, then one trains the muscles to work properly. LFB is a great technique for really improving the smoothness and progress in a drive - and I'm talking open road here, not city driving - by allowing a later transition from braking to being on the gas, and a smoother transition as well.

I've driven with an individual who'll LFB in a manual, and if he needs to, will move LF to the clutch, RF to the brake, and then heel and toe. All seamlessly done and lovely to watch. For an example by a master, watch Walter Rohrl...
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