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Heartfelt apologies junior. I've drunk too much of the SSG coolaid in the past. Look him up for a dose of comedy.
Why would it include the electric pitch trim? That's obviously an after start item...
Is that the exact wording from the manufacturers flight manual? Interesting the different caution warning and its contraction from the 200, though you might wonder why the mention of electric trim and autopilot at the pre flight stage in the 200.
Noted your missives on checklists, even though by your own admission you have never used one in your life
That's the way the operators for whom I flew set up their gigs, all memory, no printed lists. Not saying it was right or wrong, just the way it was, the only chap to ever do a gear up was our C & T on a solo, perhaps a printed list may have saved him, perhaps not, in three decades that was the only incident of note where a checklist argument may have been made.
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