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Came out of the murk at 250' into SIN one day with a recently qualified cadet as PF. Four whites (he'd flown a decent ILS approach) whereupon he immediately poled forward "to regain slope". Almost without exception, everywhere else in the network had PAPI where 4 whites was high and it'd been drummed into him to get back on slope. No matter we were at 250' AGL, no matter about inducing a high sink rate, no matter that the runway was some 10,000' long even if we were high.

He'd not mentioned it being a T-Vasis in his briefing so I brought it to his attention, it obviously didn't sink in - almost unlike us!!!!. Lesson learned and it certainly made me lift my game on future trips into SIN and the PF henceforth made me understand that he understood exactly what he was looking for.
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