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I never left-foot brake in autos now. ​Be careful sir.
When I was racing, we always used left foot braking (clutch only used when starting out from a stop - never used when moving). A few times when faced with an ill-handling car (serious push/understeer) I found that I could get the front end to grip and the car rotate by carefully timed stabs on the brake and throttle mid corner- something that wouldn't be possible if I was using the right foot for both pedals.
All that being said, I almost never left foot brake in a road car. When racing, braking was usually max capability - the only 'feel' needed was for lockup - it was 'hard' braking. Further, we'd bias the brakes such that the rears locked first - if they locked a quick stab at the throttle could get them turning again. Totally different technique to what you do in a road car. It's simply bad practice and can lead to problems (many left foot brakers put subtle pressure on the brake pedal without realizing it - hurting fuel mileage and killing the brakes). Heel and toe downshifting aside, it's nearly impossible to apply the brakes and throttle at the same time when using the right foot.
Last time I left foot braked in a road car was about 5 years ago headed home from the doctor with a serious case of gout in my right foot - applying the throttle was OK, but the pressure required to right foot brake was excruciating. So I used left foot braking to get home (manual trani in my S2000, working a clutch and left foot braking was tricky).
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