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'What were they thinking.'
Not deeply enough to get to the real crux of the GA Industry issues, so they come up with flim-flam to fill in the desk time.
I think the number of pages and flood of words is all part of the Dr Discrepancy LSG Method..'baffle 'em with bullsh*t'.
Its all part of the Fort Fumble self-justification program to con politicians into thinking that CAsA alone can save the world from falling aeroplanes.
With a world record Jumbo load of existing paperwork,...still the occasional flying machine bites the dust
Was it ever thus...there will always be accidents on the roads and in the air (unfortunately) an no continually rising mountain of excessive rules will ever put a stop to it.
Governments can keep shovelling huge amounts of taxpayers dollars into Fort coffers...but since there is never any real 'risk analysis' or looking at 'cost-benefits', the charade continues down its merry path.
To the gross detriment of the Nation and GA.
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