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Originally Posted by Reims_Rocket View Post
Captain figures 8200$ + 1300$ housing + perdiem for night stop. Ticket paid for commuting, 8 weeks ON 20 days off. AXA insurance provided.
be careful with the commuting wording. Captain Ricardo Naval of Thpain stopped the commuting tickets and only allowed tickets to Europe. Btw, the Canary Islands are considered Europe. The commuting ban affected half the pilot group and it turns out, tickets to the Canary Islands were actually more expensive than to N America and W afrika. Did ”the agency” that recruited pilots that starts with an R and based in Ireland assist their pilots? Nope! Thankfully, these Thpanith management types were chased out and some even declared PNG by the Rwandese. Just make sure whoever you use, abides by the contract. It HAS been violated.
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