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Hi all,

I really can't believe the interest that this quick question has caused! I'm also enjoying all the stories that are coming out of this!

It's one small detail of the AEA, but I suppose to you guys, the aircrew, they were quite a significant item. And to see how many people still have them too!

Keep the dates coming! This is great to try and figure out when the entered service, and left.

Gayford, the leather pouch is very nice! I assume it's live in the nav bag when not in use?

Seeing the dates going back to the mid 60's, these pencils would be perfect for my blue / grey flying suits which are dated 1964 (Mk2/2A) and 1963 (Mk4/4A). I'm still missing the aircrew knives for them too.

Mk4 / Mk4A flying suit - Oxygen hose D-Rind re-located

Mk2 / Mk2A flying Suit - Velcro pocket modification

I have really enjoyed learning about this period in British aviation - I used to volunteer looking after the Cranfield Lightnings XS452 and XS458, did that from the age of 11 till I had kids at the age of 30, so this era has always been of interest to me..

Cheers, Scott.
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