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Liam Gallagher
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Join the dots people, COS18 is what "localisation" looks like. Most companies in HK are far further ahead in "localisation" than CX, and that's not because of any inherent racism, but because of the lack of HKATPL-holders "flippin burgers" in HK, waiting for their break into the airlines. Cathay is just following the HK trend as best they can.

Expat terms finished in 2008/9 and now a package solely pitched at local cadets has been introduced. Bases are withering on the vine and with a 5% resignation rate (mainly non-indigenous HK), it will only be 5-10 years before CX/ KA aircraft will be piloted almost exclusively by indigenous HK pilots. With those approaching 55 on COS99 being offered COS18, those desperate unfortunates will continue the trend of training their replacements (doh!!).

Take "localisation" and then overlay double SO everywhere, coupled with the global shift to pilot training/licensing pitched solely at multi-crew licensing and the abandonment of the need for any experience in military or GA/feeder prior to sitting in the front of a wide-body, COS18 makes perfect financial sense.

On the company's spreadsheets, the 5-10 year forecasts must look rosie, no expat terms, no EFP, limited increments, limited education allowance, limited PFund. All this must equate to annual savings in the order of $2,000,000,000, which will go straight into management bonuses and the shareholders' pockets... Locals are by nature compliant and the HKAOA/DPA will merely be a vehicle to arrange cheap insurance (if they are not already) Time to celebrate a win- Gin and tonics all round (but not you pilots, as you are subject to random testing)

What could possibly go wrong with this plan??
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