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Originally Posted by golfyankeesierra View Post
What was that livery that had a letter on one of the doors. So that when the door was opened the brand got a whole different meaning?
Probably not what you're think of, but back in the late 1970's (when I was a fresh faced new-hire at Boeing), Braniff had ordered up a bunch of 727s. The had an interesting paint scheme known as "Flying Colors". The aircraft was painted one uniform color - although each aircraft was a different color (some of them rather garish) - and along the side of the center inlet it said in rather large letters "Flying Colors".
There was an access panel which matched up with the 'l' in colors - which was routinely left off so the had a bunch of "Flying Coors" 727s on the Renton flight line (Coors being a popular brand of beer in the US - sometimes compared with making love in a canoe).
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