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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
An erstwhile friend of mine was on the planes of a hunter killer a long time ago. During a "sneaky beaky" they collided with a Russian sub and the Russian Navy had an exercise running nearby. As the Russian sub shot to the surface (and was subsequently lost), the surface ships abandoned the exercise and set about hunting and depth charging HM Sub. This went on for 3 days before they managed to creep away. As they neared the Scottish coast, a boat load of dockyard maties met them and set about putting in place a wood and canvas structure to cover the damage to the fin. The sub was put in a floating dock and stayed hidden in that while repairs were carried out. During the original incident, my friend who was big, stocky lad put the planes to "hard to dive" and froze. He literally had to be knocked out by another member of the crew to get him to relinquish his hold on the planes before the boat dived into the sea bed. He eventually spent quite some time in hospital, learning to speak again, such was the degree of the shock he suffered.
I wish I could remember the name of the boat now. No doubt it will come back to me, probably around 03:00 as these things do!
Aah! I didn't have to wait until 03:00, the name just came back to me; HMS Warspite.
This incident is featured in one of the programmes - it's a two parter.
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