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I sneaked a day out on a submarine in South Africa. I was employed in the submarine support section but such was dearth of work (as they never went out!) I was more often to be found working on surface vessels. However, on one of those rare days when one of their subs went out, I wangled a day out on the pretence I was there to check on some bit of kit or other. Never again! Those French built Daphne class boats were renowned as death traps anyway but what alarmed me, after the excitement of the dive wore off, was the creaking and clanking as the pressure began to build on the hull. Thank God we were back in time for tea!
I pulled a similar stunt re "ongoing work" on one of their destroyers (Jan van Riebeeck, previously HMS Wessex) and had a glorious day sailing from Simons Town round the Cape of Good Hope to Capetown at a reported 30 knots. Destroyers of that era (built in WW2) had a low waist in terms of freeboard so the bow wave was seen going by at 5 ft higher than we were. A much better day out than on the bloody sub!
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