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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
The steps can be extremely small, and infinite in number. At present, with the current rise in "populism" (meaning electing people with no experience, no idea but some rousing populist rhetoric), it looks more like one step forward and two steps back.
And these extremely small steps, and infinite in number .consist of ??

And ever thought that the rise in populism / nationalism in some ( or should that be a lot of ) EU member states is precisely because of ' ever closer integration ' being rammed down peoples' throats by other politicians and chancers who have no connection with those countries other than through their positions in the EU ??

No doubt a not needed reminder, but read again about the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the 20s and 30s - there are many parallels of the root causes in the way that the EU decides on / legislates on more and more and more ' on behalf of ' its own members' elected and supposedly sovereign governments in areas such as fiscal policy and taxation ; defence ; foreign policy ; legislative structures ; etc, etc, and yet there's seemingly even more interference still to come with ' ever closer integration '

The National Socialists played on the interference by foreign politicians in post WW1 Germmany.

Trouble is, the EU just refuse to learn from history.
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