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Originally Posted by airsouthwest View Post
During Christine's era or Saad's?

At least we can be guaranteed of a few things:
1) The new livery will be hailed as a new era for Flybe
2) Promises of return to profit
3) Loses will continue
4)Blame the government for not enough support, and claims train operators get a better deal.
5) More claims to solve the problems, and more staff coming and goings.

I've seen some excuse here that the repaint is to make them a regional airline again, since when where they not a regional airline? The previous livery was to reflect Regional Connectivity, keeping some of the original Flybe and mixing it with something new and more vibrant. This new livery is an aim to cover the cracks of a failing airline, and a failing CEO. If Christine was so adamant about having a new livery, then it would have been the perfect time to design or alter the logo, which has been around for 16 years and looks a little dated, and out of touch with both the 2014 and 2018 rebrands. Christine has also failed to explain who will cover the cost of Blue Islands repainting its fleet since all 5 ATR's have only just received the all over purple livery. By the time this livery is finally in place Flybe will have gone over 10 years without a standard livery in place.
If you are referring to me i never said that the livery was to take them back to being a regional airline i said they are going to focus on being a regional airline unlike before when they ordered a stupid amount of E jets and had grand designs on being a EU wide regional airline.
As for the livery does it actually matter so much whether every plane in the fleet is the same? As for the CEO do you know what she's doing day to day wise to get the airline back on track? And as for the railways they do get perceived different to airlines and APD effects the profits of all airlines in the UK especially the smaller ones.
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