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Originally Posted by WHBM View Post
Don't confuse a simplistic little on-board App to calculate arrival times with the mainstream Ops team information. And long-haul arrivals have always been subject to many variables, quite why terminal arrival resources are then planned to the minute for them shows a lack of understanding.

I wonder if those chaps who do the Heathrow T5 arrival short term plan would be impressed when their wives suddenly call the maternity hospital but are told "no, you can't come in, you are not due for another 2 days. That's your slot".
That's rather a skewed way of looking at it.

No airline or airport can afford to have twice as many as the budgeted number of engineers or ramp workers sitting around the crewroom as a contingency against a few flights arriving early or late. The planners have to take a reasonable view of what's likely to happen most of the time, and provision manpower accordingly, in the knowledge that there will be some days when everything goes pear-shaped and aircraft have to wait for stands/steps/tugs, etc.

In my experience, maternity hospitals do the same.
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