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Originally Posted by oicur12.again View Post
“Voter fraud is actionable, and can be proven.”

Correct, and it has been proven to be virtually non-existent. According to the most detailed study conducted, Pew research found “voting integrity better in this election than ever before.”

Voter fraud in 2016 was found by several non partisan studies to be either “non existent” or” negligible”. And according to the FEC “studies of the 2016 election found vanishingly little voter fraud”

Trumps claims of millions of cases of fraud constitute one of the biggest lies of his presidency thus far and there have been many.

Voter suppression however was a significant factor in the 2016 election.


Yes indeed WI is a great example of where record low voter turnout resulted in swinging the state to Trump. He won WI by less than 23000 because 41000 fewer people participated. WI went from one of the highest voter turnouts to one of the lowest thanks to the cunning introduction of voter ID laws prior to the 2016 election.

There are many other examples we could study but to deny that the republicans at state level have been playing a clever game of voter suppression is rather disingenuous.

And who can blame them, this is politics after all.

Now, should we talk about how much gerrymandering assisted the Republicans also?
Well I would start with Hillary as the Democrat nominee. Don’t think you out Gerry the mander more than that.
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