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Well said, Melchett01 and rolling20.

As an humble ATCO, post ASC and wg cdr, I just plodded on into the sunset doing ATC and MoD stuff ... until they offered me a lump of money to go away (with 5 years left to do). No chance of promotion, as the ‘chosen’ were already identifiable amidst my peer group. However, when the ‘rush to the EXIT’ occurred in the early 90s (and in retrospect) I might have had the chance for the ‘brass hat’. Mates I hadn’t expected suddenly rushed up the ladder to fill the voids created! *
But by then my personal life desires overtook service to HM ... and happy ever after, as it turned out!

* It was the same in the 60s, when the WW2 guys departed - a major demographic surge up the ladder! Suddenly many of our Branch senior officers were gone, and those in the right place at the right time had an almost unimpeded progress to the top. I joined 2 years too late!!
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