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This contract only looks good on paper, but once you are here you realize itís not.
There is a very good reason they now accept Non-JCAB captains.
Your chance of passing as a DEC is approximately 50% as they fail you for no valid reason.
We have had several high calibre Captains with JCAB licenses and years of experience in Japan, yet they fail them for no valid reason, as they are good and professional mates.
Its just the rotten company atmosphere and the Japanese Kabuki (Please understand)
They always lock on to one or two people during training and give them a very difficult time x 7 months.
Also for the first month you have Darth Vader monitoring you in ground school class to cross examine your attitude.
This place is in a downward spiral, and have been for some time.
Flying mostly cargo flights now, and the few good destinations we have including HNL will go to the Japanese as the A380 will arrive. Expats returning to their respective home countries to work for less, but obtain a better quality of life.
i have worked here a while now, solely because age wise it doesnít pay off to go elsewhere.

I do not recommend coming here unless you are desperate.
Japan is no longer what it used to be, and is no longer competitive.


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