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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
Jonathan Sacks needs to wind his neck in. The comments were, at best, a result of his being ill informed or, at worst, a deliberate attack on Corbyn as part of a campaign to get rid of Corbyn, regardless of what lies, fables or downright distortions need to be deployed.
I have noticed over the last week comments from Luciana Berger, telling us how she feels unwelcome. I have some news for her, she has always been unwelcome in her constituency of Liverpool Wavertree. I have family living in that constituency and I have never heard a good word about her from anyone in the area. And it has nothing to do with her religion, it is to do with how she got there. "Parachuted in" is a phrase often used.
The (justified) backlash against Corbyn and antisemitism has been hijacked by British Zionists who see an opportunity to push the Labour party, and the general public agenda in UK towards a situation where criticising Israeli policies must be construed as antisemetic and therefore unacceptable. It's a clever campaign that it appears, certainly through the good offices of parts of the UK media to be succeeding, with Corbyn being little more than collateral damage in the scheme of things from their perspective.

If Corbyn had woken up to his / Labour's shortcoming from an antisemitic standpoint months ago then this may not have happened.
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