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Originally Posted by pr00ne View Post
it has always been a very small percentage of the population who are either qualified or wish to have such a career, I suspect that it is still just as hard to get in and make it through as it ever was. I doubt that anyone has ever met loads of folk who were interested, so no surprise then that you don't.
As a fresh faced PO I met a retired sqn ldr the night Kennedy was shot. He gave me a word of advice - resign. The following year, first day out of OCU and my first operational station I was given the same advice. The OPs Flying Instructor has gone one better Don't.

I think Pr00ne isn't quite right about how hard it is to get it. We used to have over 100 per month starting training with perhaps only 100 per year needed now. The eligible population is also significantly larger being more than doubled. This would lead to much stiffer competition.

Low unemployment and more people in higher education and perceived greater competition there may be fewer actually coming forward. That trend is apparent from the few aspirants seeking advice here.

Military v Civil pilot training offers a n 'inexpensive ' way to learn to fly compared to 100k plus up front cost for civilian licences. However military flying is not free. They get their pound of flesh in other ways.

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