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Surely the intention of the RAF at almost anytime in it's history is that the majority of aircrew leave at what used to be called the 36/16 point, so finishing as a Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr would be fine. Don't see how career opportunities are affected at all by it being a smaller force, as a smaller number are recruited in the first place, the pyramid may have shrunk but it's still; the same shape!
And in the modern world who is aiming at a single career for life, old hat these days, the gif economy and shirt term contracts all providing variety and career progression for the individual by managing what they do and for whom they do it, not leaving all to the whim of a single large organisation that, despite it protesting to the contrary, is always only interested in its own best interests.

As for Field Required's question, it has always been a very small percentage of the population who are either qualified or wish to have such a career, I suspect that it is still just as hard to get in and make it through as it ever was. I doubt that anyone has ever met loads of folk who were interested, so no surprise then that you don't.
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