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Originally Posted by 2unlimited View Post
I am slightly curious as I have been told by a friend who recently rejoined Wizz, that he expects as SFO to be paid net 4900 - 5100 Euros a month, and as Captain net 7500 - 8000 Euro a month and Captain on floating base net 8700 - 9000 Euros a month.
He had been informed this was the pay he was expecting, based on what the company had told him. Based in Romania.
Is this really true? Sounds slightly high in my opinion, but maybe somebody working there would know better.
I believe, it all depends how you "play" with the tax ... If you only pay the 20% Swiss tax, it must be possible, if now that is legal ? I don't know, and I have doubts ...

I got the latest pilot sheet salary, with 850hr a year, 400sectors and an avzrave speed of 600km/h, I got Captain year one at 88500euro.
Now you have to use the X factor for the country, Romania is 1.45 (but I thought it was to compensate local tax the different X factors ?)
so Romania is 128500 a year, 10700 befofe tax a month ... And we come back about, how much tax your friends will pay ? If he pay tax like a normal man living in Romania, he will earn less than what wizz told him.
​​​​​​Google say, it will be 6300euro net for a year one cpt in Romania if you pay the normal tax of the country.

Wizair pilot here will probably answer all of that quickly.

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