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Originally Posted by waffler View Post
You are obviously not a pilot, so hereís some information for you.
At the moment, most long haul aircraft departing Dublin this summer cannot land safely back in Dublin if they have a serious problem after takeoff because of the runway length.
The longer the runway the safer an immediate return to landing because of the faster speeds on landing in most emergencies.
The longer runway means that the engines donít have to produce full power on takeoff thus preserving the engine life and reducing the yaw produced by an engine failure.
a longer runway means no restrictions on passangers and freight carried, thus making the flight cheaper for the airlines.
If Dublin is serious about being a hub and creating more jobs for Irish pilots and other workers it needs the right infrastructure.
who remembers the M50 extra lane debacle.
So knowing this now, you may understand why IALPA seeks the longest runway it can get.
I'm well aware aircraft generally opt for SNN when such problems. Should IALPA not be lobbying there employers who favor 3,110 over 3,600m.
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