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Sometimes "honor" gets thrown overboard.

For a perfect example of how this business of Marines all being some weird combination of steely-eyed killer and Boy Scout is nonsense, uniquely being honorable among the members of our armed forces, we need look no further than to what happened to Florida Representative Frederica Wilson at the hands of Marine Corps General (retired) John F. Kelly.

Wilson is a bit of a kook, favoring as she does spangly cowboy hats. She got into it with Trump after he'd hurt the feelings of the widow of a guy who was killed in somewhat unknown circumstances in an ambush in Mali, telling her that this what what he'd signed up for. (Coming home in a box? I don't remember my Army recruiter mentioning that! Yeah, it happens, but who chooses that outcome?)

Anyway, Kelly chimed in then to support Trump, denouncing Wilson for having done self-aggrandizement at an earlier ceremony dedicating a new law enforcement center down in her district in Florida. Later, of course, videotape of that event was shown that completely disproved what Kelly had said about this. Wilson actually had made a very respectful address then that had no element of what Kelly had claimed she had done.

The ball was now in Kelly's court to man up and apologize for having lied about what Wilson had done. That would have been the honorable thing for him to have done, I think, as a man, and especially as a former Marine (assuming that "honor" is the big deal with Marines that some here claim it is).

Kelly did give an interview with right-wing harpy Laura Ingraham where he said that he stood by the story he told about Wilson, and that he would never apologize for it. That's not very honorable if we consider that his comments were lies. On the other hand, Kelly was then, and still is, Trump's Chief of Staff, so that perhaps he put "honor" aside to behave just as his clumsy and dishonorable, lying boss Trump does, thus supporting him 100%. It's hard to say what went on there with a guy who'd come from a straight-shooting Irish Catholic working-class background, one where black-clad nuns will beat the pee-whappy out of you with a brass-edged wooden ruler if they catch you in a mere fib, let alone the sort of whopper that Kelly told then. Anyway, his conduct there was dishonorable, not honorable.
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