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Kindly tell us where the "cheap shot" was in what I wrote about the Corps. I don't see one.

One of the best stories about the Corps that I ever heard was from a friend who had been a young Marine officer faced with the choice of which branch to go into during the Vietnam War. Infantry was what the Corps wanted him to choose, so that he was shown the war movie "The Sands of Iwo Jima" as a way of motivating him to make that choice.

It's worth watching, that film. Real-life draft-dodger John Wayne plays Sergeant Stryker, a real hard-ass Marine unafraid to use brutal methods even on his own men. Stryker takes his group of raw recruits through training, molding them into Marines, and then leads them in combat on Iwo Jima. The battle won, a happy-happy Stryker, hard-ass persona cast aside, offers everyone cigarettes, only to be fatally shot in the very next second by a dirty Jap sniper. Then a tear-jerking letter to his estranged son is extracted from his pocket and read over sad-sad music. Awww ....

Movie over, my man was asked if that did not make him want to sign up for a career full of rah-rah Semper Fi, when he asked if they had somehow missed the fact that Stryker dies at the end. Then he signed up for Transport. My kind of guy!

Ooh! Make way! We got a hard-ass here! Ethical Conundrum, not so hot at words, now wants me to engage in, what, fisticuffs? No, wait, it's Texas, isn't it? Must be, to bluster in such a way .... So, shootin' irons?

I will have you know, EC, that I shot Expert with the M-14 not long ago. That was just back in, back in ... 1966? Hmm, time flies .... Anyway, trained killer, me. Go stand about 100 meters off and make like a cardboard target, please.

No, just kidding there, aside from that I really did shoot Expert. I got into a tiff with a Brit once when he told us that he was a trained killer. (This tiff involved alcohol.) I told him that I was an untrained killer, so that this was going to be slow, painful and messy. Then we resumed drinking, when peace and amity was restored.

Fred, I think you are missing the point. The diaeresis is meant to annoy. That's style, just like drinking tea from a porcelain cup with your pinkie upraised. That's my guess, anyway. You might get the odd dummy who thinks it's pronounced "cooper-ate," like making barrels or something, but nobody else really needs a diaeresis nowadays to tell them it's pronounced "co-operate," do they?

We lost the battle over "like" for "as" a long time ago so, please, let us keep the diaeresis as a fragment to shore up our ruins.

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