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I will have to leave it to you and Westy to fight it out regarding the history and legacy of your nation's armed forces as I am not qualified to comment beyond what I did. I do, however, appreciate having ideals in life to which to aspire and personal honour is a good place to start.

Not all of us are born fully formed and a little encouragement from both peers and authority figures/leaders can (and please note the subjunctive implication) be a good thing to steer one toward goals, responsibilty, etc and military service has done this for many--myself included. The handful of U.S. Marines that I have encountered were doing a spot on job of being productive citizens and family members so a doff of the hat to them.

That horrors have been perpetrated on all sides and by combatants who profess their cause just and worthy is as old as humankind. I am sure you agree that great responsibilty rests upon the leaders that put young combatants into distopyian situations in which all humanity is stripped from one's soul. God bless the soldier who was, as you referenced one time, in Vietnam only having to repair the ice-cream making machine rather than having to do what many of you did every day out on the line in making decisions where you are caught between Scylla and Charybdis

My point though was but rather to highlight Mr. Duncan's past service in an organization that places merit on direct unit leadership. Drawing this point to the conclusion that I would think Mr. Duncan's fellow service members would like to, if I might borrow an American expression, open a can of Whiskey Alpha on him whilst the batallion Sergeant is off having a cuppa.

Btw Chuks, I always appreciate your comments and the erudition you bring but I disagree with you over The New Yorker's use of the diaeresis. I enjoy their writing but this habit is annoying.
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