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Uncle Sam's Misguided Children ....

Show me the "honor" in the way Khe Sanh was run, please. You guys slobbering over the Marines are looking at the Corps through rose-tinted glasses. Have another read of Dispatches by Michael Herr, and follow that up with reading the accounts of how that truck bombing in Beirut came to pass. The Corps is a powerful killing machine, sure, but a lot of those who get killed by it are Marines.

The Corps is just another branch of the US military, but one with a really superior PR machine. "Marines in combat: one shooting, one looting, and two taking pictures," and how do you suppose that joke ever came to be?

It's "former Marine" instead of "ex-Marine" because, supposedly, the Corps breaks you down and turns you into a Marine, when you never turn back. I am an ex-G.I., for example, just a civilian who had once been a soldier in the US Army. Even when I was in I suppose you could have called me a heavily-armed civilian, someone with a mindset very far from that of most Marines.

"Sergeant Chuks! Charge that enemy machine gun, screaming!"

"Say what?"

It takes not just motivation but some powerful indoctrination to get a guy to do that sort of thing, the kind of indoctrination the Corps puts on its recruits. There's a method in that madness, sure, but it can be a bit wasteful of life. My mother had been a flight nurse in the Navy, and she told me about young Marines, still teenagers, who were missing limbs but who merely felt bad because they had not killed their share of Japs. The Corps ... it's not for everybody, no.
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