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Originally Posted by lomapaseo View Post
I don't see it that way, based on this report alone. Each incident should stand by itself and address lessons learned accordingly
Here's a rundown on some of the earlier FedEx incidents and crashes f
rom FedEx Chief Pilot Jack Lewis' self described 'rant' to FDX captains in 2006:

When it comes to piloting itself, we have an ugly record. The NTSB isn't real impressed with us. Here's the pilot-error type mishaps /accidents from 1997-present. All are landing accidents except for one go-around and one takeoff. These assessments are my own opinion, based on info I have...

Newark.....MD-11.pilot-error.....strike damage.....good visibility, contaminated runway

Manila....A300...pilot-error....$16 million damage..... good visibility, wet runway

Subic Bay....MD11 .pilot-error....strike damage...... good visibility

Tallahassee...B727...pilot-error...strike damage..... good visibility

Memphis...MD10..pilot-error...strike damage..... ...good visibility, gusty crosswind

El Paso...A300...pilot-error...$2 million damage.....good visibility

Memphis...MD11..pilot-error..$.5 million damage....good visibility, go around

Ft Lauderdale..A300...pilot-error..$1.5 million damage....good visibility

Subic Bay....MD11.initial look is pilot-error..$10.5 million damage(yow!)..good visibility, tailwind

$170+million in pilot-error damage.Yikes!!!!! At least you DC10 Captains seem to have figured out this landing thing.......The common thread in all these accidents besides pilot-error and good visibility, is that they were totally preventable by the Captain if:

1) he had maintained good SA when he was PF and if
2) he had looked at the instrumentation below 400' when he was PM. This is classic Threat & Error Management (TEM)...or lack thereof.

Additionally, we have had wheels in the mud, aircraft off the side of the runway on a rejected takeoff, altitude busts, runway incursions, early descents below MDA with EPGWS warnings, one landing on the wrong runway, one at the wrong airport, another approach to the wrong airport, etc., etc., etc,. It may seem like we don't have much going on, but as you can see, that's not the case.

In the dozen years since Captain Lewis' email I think FedEx has had only a couple of hull losses, NRT and FLL, a better record for them I suppose. Still, it would be hard for me to imagine a U.S. passenger airline of any size with a similar accident record over the last two decades staying in business.
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