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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Ramaphosa’s and the ANC’s disdain for South African whites has always been clear. On Monday, the ANC via their official Twitter, appeared to call all white South Africans “murderers.” The president once even compared the strategy of dealing with whites to that of boiling frogs; you must raise the temperature slowly, so they do not notice what is happening, for if the temperature is raised suddenly, the frog will jump out of the water. Then, by the time the frog realizes it is dying, it is too late for it to escape the pot.

Despite his prejudices, Ramaphosa was still democratically elected by the people of South Africa last February. The president insists that the amendment will “promote redress, advance economic development, increase agricultural production and food security.” In reality, South Africa is beginning to head down the same path toward social and economic disaster that its northern neighbor Zimbabwe took eighteen years ago. {break}
Violence against white farmers in South Africa is already increasing. Although official numbers are not available, reports from the South African Police and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (a group representing the interests of farmers) highlight an increase in the number of attacks on white farmers. Between January and March 2018, there were 109 attacks and fifteen murders on white farms, meaning that one white farmer was killed every five days
Apparently, this cannot be true now that Mr Trump has told his State Department to look into this.
Originally Posted by a reporter
South Africa has high rates of violent crime, Patta reports, but there has been a well-funded campaign by white right-wing South Africans to promote the idea that white farmers are being deliberately killed at higher rates than people of other skin colors, and that this constitutes a "white genocide." There is no such thing in South Africa, she says.

Farmers are easy targets for violent crime because they live on remote properties with little protection. A high murder rate has nothing to do with land seizures or anti-white sentiment. It is a crime issue, Patta reports.
She would say that, wouldn't she?

Glad I don't live there. The point made earlier about "if the farms get seized, banks' loan practices change" is the kind of thing that a farmer, an economist, and a banker understands but that nitwits in a variety of national capitals either will not, do not, and in some cases cannot understand. (Due to being too thick).

For once, cannot lessons actually be learned form the sad state of affairs in Zimbabwe and the same kind of mistake not be made again? Farmers feed the nation. Please, Mr Ramaphosa, don't mess it up.
(Hmm, I seem to recall Joe Stalin doing something similar to the kulaks .... but maybe that's different? )
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