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Originally Posted by meadowrun View Post
My goodness, if they need manpower there are at least a million workers camped up in Libya, Tunisia and places all eager to get north, out of Africa and work hard. And lots more available beyond that.
Not the right colour?
19th century thinking............

Starting off with a blank sheet of paper how would you plan a farm with the internal infrastructure needed.
This includes irrigation, wiring and everything else, little labour needed.

Comments about WIFI are laughable because in the US flyover states they are managing it easily.

When farming started in South Africa it was luck and judgement that got you crops, and there was lots of it bad.

Moving into Russia they supply 100 years leases, infrastructure support and actually plan each farm depending on soil
capabilities using Agri experts.

Hell even in El Salvador they using drones to identify what parts of Sugar Cane plantation needs spraying and using drones to do it where they unable to do before.
Crop yields are projected to rise by 10%.

Best part of starting from scratch is you know everybody elses mistakes plus you can make a technological jump because you didn't invest in the infrastructure 10 years ago.
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